Q&A With the AAAL Leadership

In this Q&A section, we respond to questions raised by graduate students to the AAAL and GSC leadership. These questions were collected  through our needs analysis survey in June 2020. 

Q: Can I submit my proposal for the 2020 conference to the 2021 conference? 

A: Yes, you may submit proposals that were previously accepted for the 2020 conference, but they are not guaranteed to be accepted for the 2021 convention. 

Q: What if I have turned my 2020 presentation into a publication already? Can I still propose it as a paper presentation at AAAL 2021?

A: AAAL is staying pretty strict to the policy stating that proposals must represent original, unpublished work. So, if a proposal was submitted for the 2020 conference and has since been published, we recommend that the submitters update the proposal with new, unpublished information and change the proposal, just enough from the published information, that it qualifies. 

Q: My proposal was accepted for the 2020 conference, but because of the timing of the imposed isolation, I wasn't able to finish my project for the 2020 presentation. Could I still leave it as a cancelled presentation item on my CV? Or should I just move forward with other upcoming research projects and put this on the back-burner until next summer?

A: This seems like a question best fit for your advisor. There are some educators/universities/researchers who are extending dates for their graduate student research, but every university is different. Your advisor will know more information as it relates to you and will, therefore, be able to better guide you on this issue. If you decide to complete the project for the 2021 conference, you may still submit a proposal for it and have it finished by the 2021 conference. 

Q: As professors in your own institutions, what is your expectation of research progress or quality of work by your graduate students?

A: This also seems like a question best fit for your advisor or professors at your institution. The AAAL Executive Committee would give their own personal opinion, but with every professor having different expectations, it may not be the best assessment for your personal circumstances. 

Q: What are some resources AAAL provides for MA graduates in the field of AAAL?

A: The GSC has hosted and will continue to host webinars addressing general topics applicable for both M.A. and Ph.D. students in the field. In addition, we have organized graduate student events at AAAL conferences that provide opportunities for newcomers as well as seasoned graduate students. We will continue to assess the needs of the graduate student community and develop further resources for both M.A. and Ph.D. students in the field. We encourage our graduate student readers to participate in our upcoming survey to let us know about topics of interest to you! For your convenience, we have embedded the survey below. 

Q: What is being done to address racial oppression, both historic and current, in AAAL as a whole?

A: We will be addressing this question in more depth through our Fall 2020 issue of the newsletter. Stay tuned!

Editorial note: The questions and answers in this section were edited for brevity and clarity.