Congratulations to the

2021 Design Competition Winners 

Each year, the GSC calls on graduate students to share their artistic talent in the AAAL design competition. Winners have their designs featured on apparel and accessories sold on Teespring. All proceeds are used to support graduate students and the Fund for the Future of Applied Linguistics (FFAL). The selected artists are also publicly recognized at the AAAL conference, and the GSC typically sponsors up to $100 towards the registration fees for the annual conference if the selected artists plan to attend.​

This year, our winning designs were created by Di Liang (The Pennsylvania State University) and Lynn Zhang (University of Wisconsin Madison). Congratulations! Below you will find their bios and designs, as well as a video from each winner explaining their design. ​

Do you need a video transcript? Both videos are available on YouTube as well: 

Di Liang.jpg

Di Liang is a Ph.D. candidate in Second Language Education at the Pennsylvania State University. He holds an M.Ed. in Foreign Language Education from the University of Pittsburgh. He currently teaches a language teaching method course and supervises World Languages student teachers. Prior to Penn State, he taught undergraduate-level Chinese language classes at the University of Pittsburgh. His research interests include second language acquisition and instruction and language teacher education.


Difei (Lynn) Zhang is a Ph.D. Candidate in English Language and Linguistics at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her dissertation topic is using corpus-based approach to analyze the digital transformation of news writing, specifically focusing on the change of certain syntactic features. Her research interests include but not limited to: applied English syntax, register analysis of digital news, and corpus-based syntactic analysis of English written texts.