Award Winners 2022

Xiaofang Lu

I am a Ph.D. student in Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick. I earned my MA degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from the Pennsylvania State University. Before coming to the University of Warwick, I worked as a Research Assistant at State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal University, for one year. My current Ph.D. research is on the pre-service language teacher identity construction. My research interests include, but are not limited to, language teacher education, language teacher identity, teacher agency, discourse analysis and classroom discourse analysis.

Lu logo.png

About my design

  • The circle in Chinese calligraphy illustrates my understanding of applied linguistics, namely the Linguistic Planet. It can be viewed globally as earth.

  • Leaf pattern stands for the ecological system. Regarding applied linguistics, we have ecological perspectives on second language acquisition.

  • The letter "L" stands for "language." Language brings us together in the world, unveils our personal identity and social identity in society, and unfolds discourses in different communities. The unclosed circle represents linguistic spirits of inclusivity and diversity.

  • Triple-A inside the circle is hand-in-hand, meaning AAAL conferences bridge people to share their feelings and acquire knowledge.

Tianfang (Sally) Wang

I am a fifth-year doctoral candidate in Applied Linguistics at the Pennsylvania State University. My research interests include the integration of sociocultural theory and cognitive linguistics for second language pedagogy, cross-linguistic conceptual metaphors in Mandarin and English, and classroom interaction within the field of conversation analysis.

Wang logo.png

About my design

My design is called Making Waves. In the design, the three "A"s in "AAAL" are depicted as waves and the letter "L" is turned into a fist. A heart is drawn in the background, and the full name of "AAAL" is presented at the bottom. The waves illustrate our participation, advocacy, and contributions in the social movements, and the fist represents solidarity, the strength in our community, and our power to bring positive changes with our teaching, research, and service. The heart symbolizes the compassion and love that we share. With this design, I hope to highlight the positive social impact our AAAL community is bringing to the world.

Please join us in congratulating all of this year's graduate student award winners!

Dissertation Award Winner 2022

Dr. Zhongfeng Tian | University of Texas San Antonio


Graduate Student Award Winners 2022

Olumide Ajayi | University of Georgia | GSA-DEIA

Elizabeth Huntley | Michigan State University | Wilga Rivers Award

Harini Rajagopal | U. of British Columbia | Multilingual Matters Award

Tom Avery | University of Bath, United Kingdom | ETS Award

Megan Heise | Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Calman | McGill University

Jing Yu | University of California, Santa Barbara

Masaru Yamamoto | University of British Columbia, Canada


Distinguished Service and/or Engaged Research Graduate Student in Relation to Diversity Efforts Award

Huy Phung | University of Hawai'i


Design Competition Winners 2022