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2022-2023 Diversity Sub-Committee


Chia-Hsin (Jennifer) Yin

Chia-Hsin (Jennifer) Yin is a Fulbright doctoral student in Foreign, Second, and Multilingual Language Education (FSMLE) program at the Ohio State University, Columbus. She began her education career as an elementary school teacher and then a director in Taiwan. Her primary passion in teaching was supporting students' literacy development and promoting bilingual education. Particularly, her research examines how memory plays a role in figurative language processing, how multilingual writer identity develops in digital spaces, how teachers cultivate their social and cultural affordances in translanguaging classrooms, how assessment systems support ESL writers inclusively, and so forth. She endeavors to enhance equity and diversity in the Diversity Sub-committee for AAAL and beyond. Chia-Hsin can be reached at

Sarvenaz Balali.png

Sarvenaz Balali

Sarvenaz Balali is a Ph.D. candidate in English at Texas A&M University-Commerce specializing in applied linguistics. Sarvenaz holds a master’s degree in linguistics and a Bachelor of Arts in English translation. She has presented in a few local and international conferences. She has also published a brief essay titled “Diversity in Terms of Complexity Theory” in the AAALGrads newsletter. Sarvenaz’s current research focuses on socio-cultural aspects of language learning with a specific focus on “cultural discontinuity”. However, her research interests span a wider range of topics. And, she wishes to develop her current research to explore various aspects of cultural diversity as well as how it may contribute to the process of learning a second language.

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Zakaria Fahmi

Zakaria Fahmi is PhD student in the Linguistic and Applied Language Studies (LALS) at the University of South Florida (USF). Zakaria holds a BA in English language and literature from Morocco, his country of origin, and an MA in Liberal Arts from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). He has been teaching ESL, French, and Arabic courses in various educational settings. His research interests center around areas of linguaculture, language ideology, and corpus assisted discourse studies. His dissertation project is invested in examining the practices of linguistic standardization and its inequities on culture in foreign language classrooms. He joined the Diversity Sub-committee to help accelerate the efforts to secure a diverse and equitable participatory environment. He can be reached at


Carla H. Consolini

Carla H. Consolini is PhD student at the Department of Linguistics of the University of Oregon, specializing in the intersection between second language learning and teaching and emerging technologies, with an emphasis on authenticity and affordability. Carla holds BAs on English-Spanish scientific and technical translation, and on English-Spanish simultaneous live interpretation, both from Argentina, her country of origin. She additionally holds two MA degrees from Ohio University, on Hispanic Literature and Linguistics, and Applied Linguistics. Carla has been serving her departmental Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee since 2020, and has recently joined AAAL’s Diversity sub-committee to further assist on the development of guidelines that support diversity and inclusion across AAAL’s diverse academic fields.     


Maverick Y. Zhang

Maverick Y. Zhang is a Ph.D. candidate, teacher, and activist at The University of Georgia. Maverick holds a Master’s degree in Sociolinguistics & TESOL from City University of Hong Kong. Their research interests include (but are not limited to) discourse studies, embodiment, posthumanism, multi-lingual-cultural education, teacher education, critical literacy, and SFL. Maverick recently published a paper titled Embodiment in action: Engaging with the doing and be(com)ing via Linguistics and Education and is currently working on their book titled Untold stories: Neoliberalism, material-discursive, and the trajectories of the everyday. You can contact them at or

Member Testimonials

"As a member of the GSC diversity subcommittee, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the multifaceted nature of diversity, the role it plays in language education and the strategies that may help manage and apply diversity in Applied Linguistics. GSC is committed to responding to the needs of its members and help them connect and cooperate in a multicultural context. Being a member of GSC has been an invaluable experience which has enabled me to embrace diversity and cooperate with my peers who come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds."  

- Sarvenaz Balali

2021-2022 Diversity Sub-Committee
Sarvenaz Balali, Texas A&M University-Commerce 
Zakaria Fahmi, University of South Florida
Frances Wenrich, Boston University

2020-2021 Diversity Sub-Committee
Jihan Ayesh, University of Rochester
Ming-Tso Chien, University of Maine
Sarvenaz Balali, Texas A&M University-Commerce 

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