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2023-2024 Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)


Carla H. Consolini

Carla H. Consolini is PhD student at the Department of Linguistics of the University of Oregon, specializing in the intersection between second language learning and teaching and emerging technologies, with an emphasis on authenticity and affordability. Carla holds BAs on English-Spanish scientific and technical translation, and on English-Spanish simultaneous live interpretation, both from Argentina, her country of origin. She additionally holds two MA degrees from Ohio University, on Hispanic Literature and Linguistics, and Applied Linguistics. Carla has been serving her departmental Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee since 2020, and has also joined AAAL’s Diversity sub-committee to further assist on the development of guidelines that support diversity and inclusion across AAAL’s diverse academic fields.     


Nasiba Norova 

Nasiba Norova is a fourth-year Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Nasiba holds a BA in English Philology from Uzbekistan, her country of origin, an MA in Applied Linguistics from Universitat Politècnica de València, and an MA in English TESOL from Minnesota State University Mankato. In addition to her research related duties, she also teaches English as a Second Language at UMass Boston. A few of her research interests are second-language writing, Global/World Englishes, culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogies, racial literacies, and racial ill-literacy. International students' experiences with race and racial literacy are the subject of her doctoral dissertation. She is the mother of three wonderful children aged 15 to 3. Nasiba joined the Diversity Subcommittee to advocate for diversity and equity enacted anti-racist literacy practices. Her goal is to ensure Ramadan Friendly AAAL 2024 by bringing novel ideas to the committee. Among Nasiba's accomplishments is her Erasmus Mundus Target II fellowship. Nasiba can be reached out at

John O.png

John Odudele

John Odudele is a graduate student of Applied Linguistics and a teaching assistant at the Linguistics Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks. John holds a diploma-in-law and bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Communication Studies. He taught English in three countries (Nigeria, his home country, Turkey, and the USA, where he is currently teaching English as a second language). John's research focuses on problematizing race in language teaching and learning while promoting critical anti-racist and culturally responsive pedagogy. In addition, John joined AAAL's Diversity Subcommittee to promote diversity and inclusion in the organizational fields. He hopes to develop resources and collaborate with other committee members to promote diversity and inclusivity. Through these efforts, John seeks to contribute to a more equitable and socially conscious environment within the association and beyond. John can be reached at


Brittany Finch

Brittany Finch is a Ph.D. student in the Second Language Studies program with a specialization in Cognitive Science, where she currently serves as the Student Organization for Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy (SOSLAP) co-chair and the Second Language Studies eye-tracking lab manager. Her primary research interests include psycholinguistics, specifically the cognitive processes in reading, as well as bilingualism, lexical processing, and predictive processing. Brittany has made it a goal to include underrepresented populations in her research by including participants such as those with emerging literacy and community-based English as a second language (ESL) learners. Brittany joined the DEI subcommittee of the GSC in hopes of holding conversations with stakeholders and making change regarding the accessibility of Applied Linguistics (e.g., access to research and promoting diverse research through diverse researchers by making graduate degree programs more accessible to everyone, not just western-educated and non-WEIRD students). She can be reached at


Yixuan Wang

Yixuan Wang is a doctoral candidate and graduate assistant in the Department of Language and Literacy Education, with a concentration in TESOL and World Language Education, at the University of Georgia. She earned her Master’s degree from the same program at the University of Georgia. Her research interests include arts-based educational research, poetic inquiry, intersectionality, precarity, multilingual and multicultural education, and teacher education. Yixuan joined the DEI subcommittee with the goals to provide peer mentoring opportunities for graduate student members and international conference attendees. With the goals, Yixuan hopes to contribute to the missions of the DEI subcommittee. Yixuan can be reached at

Member Testimonials

"As a member of the GSC diversity subcommittee, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the multifaceted nature of diversity, the role it plays in language education and the strategies that may help manage and apply diversity in Applied Linguistics. GSC is committed to responding to the needs of its members and help them connect and cooperate in a multicultural context. Being a member of GSC has been an invaluable experience which has enabled me to embrace diversity and cooperate with my peers who come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds."  

- Sarvenaz Balali

2022-2023 Diversity Sub-Committee
Chia-Hsin (Jennifer) YinOhio State University 
Sarvenaz Balali, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Zakaria Fahmi, University of South Florida
Carla H. Consolini, University of Oregon
Maverick Y. Zhang, University of Georgia

2021-2022 Diversity Sub-Committee
Sarvenaz Balali, Texas A&M University-Commerce 
Zakaria Fahmi, University of South Florida
Frances Wenrich, Boston University

2020-2021 Diversity Sub-Committee
Jihan Ayesh, University of Rochester
Ming-Tso Chien, University of Maine
Sarvenaz Balali, Texas A&M University-Commerce 

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