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Resources for graduate students

Online Teaching and Research 

This section is a partial-duplicate of the resources provided in the Summer 2020 newsletter.

Part 1

Below, we outline resources and tools that, according to our needs analysis survey, have been helpful for AAAL graduate students with their online teaching and research. 

 Tip: Always check your institutions' technology service to find free software for students!

  • For data collection: 

    • Qualtrics

    • Google Forms

    • Survey Monkey

    • LimeSurvey

    • Mechanical Turk

  • For data analysis

    • E-Prime Go, ​

    • PsychoPy,

    • NVIVO

    • R

  • For online communication and teaching:

    • Communication technology: Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Team, 

    • Collaboration tools: Google Suites, Google Docs

    • Course management systems: D2L/iCollege, Canvas, WordPress personal spaces

    • Video-sharing platforms: YouTube, VoiceThread

    • Video editing technologies: iMovie, VoiceThread, Flipgrid

    • Scheduling and record-keeping platforms: Doodle, MyWConline

    • Poling platforms: Poll Everywhere

    • Cloud storage: Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive

Part 2

Resources on virtual conferencing

Resources for new skills 


Resources for life in general during/after Coronavirus 

Language teaching-related resources

Resources to help you with your academic life during Coronavirus 

Editorial note: The information posted on this page includes resources, companies, products, and services that the AAAL GSC believes you might find of interest. The AAAL GSC provides these resources solely for informational purposes. The presence of resources, companies, products, and services does not imply endorsement. When site visitors select a link to an outside website, they are leaving the GSC site and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners and sponsors of the outside website. All liability for improper reproduction of copyrighted material lies with the individual who submitted the resource. 

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