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2023-2024 Event Planning Sub-Committee

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Insil Jeon

Insil Jeon (she/her) is a PhD candidate in Curriculum and Instruction (Culture and Teaching) at University of Minnesota. She holds B.A. in Elementary Education (Philosophy of Education) and M.A. in Applied Linguistics (Korean as a Second Language). Her research interests include Asian American Youth, Immigrant/Refugee Education, and Language Ideology. Her current research focuses on examining Southeast Asian immigrant and refugee students’ and families’ experiences in educational settings. Particularly, she’s working toward an ethnographic work navigating how Korean immigrant/refugee students make sense of becoming an Asian American. She can be reached at


Eva Jin

Eva Jin is a Ph.D. candidate in English (Rhetoric, Writing & Literacies) at Arizona State University. Her research interests include informal, interest-driven writing/composition in affinity spaces, multimodal composition, language learning in the digital wilds, and digital rhetoric. She has been connecting First Year Composition classrooms with interest-driven sites (e.g. Reddit, Yelp) and mentoring L2 writers to write for their passion and interests. She also organizes informal language learning groups in digital fandoms. Outside academia, she is a creative and fanfic writer, and an emergent novelist with a passion for cyberpunk culture. She serves on the GSC Event Planning Sub-committee as Roundtable leader, who will organize and lead the Graduate Student Roundtable Event at AAAL 2024. Her expertise includes poster design, photo and video editing. She can be reached at


Kerry Pusey

Kerry Pusey is a Ph.D. candidate (Educational Linguistics) and Louise B. McClure Fellow in the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. Kerry received his MA-TESL from Northern Arizona University and his BA in anthropology and Portuguese from UCLA. Before beginning his doctoral studies, Kerry taught English for academic purposes courses in the U.S., Macau, Colombia, Japan, and Thailand. He was also an English Language Fellow in Brazil, where he designed and implemented English-medium instruction professional development (EMI PD) courses for higher education faculty. Kerry has expertise in curriculum design and student-centered teaching methodologies and his research interests include student engagement, language assessment, multimodality, and classroom discourse and interaction. Kerry can be contacted at


Sudhashree Girmohanta

Sudhashree Girmohanta is a doctoral candidate in Language and Literacies Education at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto with a collaborative specialization in Comparative International and Development Education. She has completed two MA degrees, one in Urban Education from City University of New York, USA and the other in Bengali language and literature from Rabindra Bharati University, India. She has experience in teaching primary school-aged children. Her research goal is to understand effective ways to help immigrant children maintain their heritage language and foster parental engagement. Contact information:


Jeevan Karki 

Jeevan Karki (he/him) is a doctoral student in Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education (CITE) at Michigan State University. Jeevan, a multilingual educator, brings in 15 years of professional experience as K-12 ESL teacher, composition instructor, teacher educator and instructional designer across public and private schools/colleges, and nonprofits serving diverse learners of all ages (6 to 60 years). He has earned a TESOL degree from University of Washington (UW). Jeevan founded a web magazine ( for youths and worked as an editor for ELT Choutari ( for several years. Leading and organizing educational and advocacy events was part of his profession and personal interests, which brought him to this committee. His scholarly interests include English language learners’ language and literacy development, equitable learning opportunities, immigrant schooling, educational technology and teacher education. He loves going out for a walk and watching short movies in his leisure. He can be reached at and sometimes on Twitter.

Member Testimonials

I am lucky to be a member of the AAAL GSC event planning sub-committee since 2020. Led by our amazing leader, our team has organized several webinars, pre-conference workshops, and contributed to other GSC events. This experience has provided me an opportunity to practice my organizational and communication skills as well as learn from a team of capable and supportive co-members and friends. I look forward to the upcoming year and many more exciting events! 

-Yuchan (Blanche) Gao

2022-2023 Event Planning Sub-Committee

Kyungjin Hwang, University of South Carolina

John Wayne N. dela Cruz, McGill University

Yadi Zhang, University of Rochester

Insil Jeon, University of Minnesota

2021-2022 Event Planning Sub-Committee

Yuchan (Blanche) Gao, Arizona State University

Fatemeh Bordbarjavidi, Iowa State University

Rong Ren, Arizona State University

Maria Kostromitina, Northern Arizona University

Yadi Zhang, University of Rochester

2020-2021 Event Planning Sub-Committee 

Fatemeh Bordbarjavidi, Iowa State University

Yuchan (Blanche) Gao, Arizona State University

Rong Ren, Arizona State University

Maria Kostromitina, Nothern Arizona University

2019-2020 Event Planning Sub-Committee 

Fatemeh Bordbarjavidi, Iowa State University

Zhongfeng Tian, Boston College

Elif Burhan-Horasanli, University of Arizona

Ufuk Keles, University of Alabama

Conor McKeon, Marquette University

Jackie Ridley, Ohio State University

Tyler True, Northern Arizona University

Zhenjie Weng, Ohio State University

2018-2019 Event Planning Sub-Committee 

Nicole King, Ohio State University

Conor Mckeon, Marquette University

Rong Ren, Arizona State University

Jennifer Slinkard, University of Arizona

Rebecca Tang, Ohio State University

Nathan Thomas, University of Oxford

Tyler True, Northern Arizona University

Rurik Tywoniw, Georgia State University

2017-2018 Event Planning Sub-Committee 

David Chiesa, Georgia State University

Wendy Li, Michigan State University

Jihye Shin, Northern Arizona University 

Fang Wang, The University of Iowa 

Yi Wang, University of Arizona 

Zhaozhe Wang, Purdue University

2016-2017 Event Planning Sub-Committee 

Melinda Childs, Georgia State University

Yuhan Lin, University of Hawaii

Andrea Lypka, University of South Florida

Ji-Young Shin, Purdue University

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