2020-2021 Event Planning Sub-Committee

Yuchan (Blanche) Gao

Blanche is a PhD student and research assistant in Learning, Literacies, and Technologies at Arizona State University. Her research interests lie in the intersection of gameful L2 learning and pedagogy (game-enhanced, game-based, game-informed), technology-mediated language learning, and instructional design. She received her BA degree in Linguistics from Southern Illinois University and MEd degree in Curriculum and Instruction and TESOL Certificate from the University of Virginia. She worked as a secondary school ESOL instructor and curriculum director as well as a university teaching assistant and communication consultant in the US and China. She can be reached at ygao148@asu.edu

Fatemeh Bordbarjavidi

Fatemeh Bordbarjavidi is a PhD student in Applied Linguistics and Technology at Iowa State University (ISU). She received her MA in TESOL at University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in 2017. She earned her BA in English Language and Literature at Azad University in Tehran, Iran, her home country. She has taught ESL courses at Cultural and Intensive English Language Program (CIEP) at UNI during her master’s program. She also has worked as an EFL instructor for four years in Iran. She has taught academic writing courses to international graduate and undergraduate students at ISU for three years. Currently, she is a mentor coordinator and teaching assistance and research assistance for Using Educational Technology in the English Language Classroom Global Online Course (GOC) at ISU. Her research interests are in corpus linguistics, and English for Academic Purposes. More specifically, she is interested in analyzing different features of sentences and grammar complexity in written register. She has presented her works and served as a volunteer at different conferences such as AACL, MIDTESOL, TSLL, and PSLLT. She is also interested in literature, arts, and theatre. She has translated and published three plays by Joao Rei Villar, a 2011 Emmy Award Winner, from English to Farsi/Persian. She is also interested in classic music and plays Santour which is an Iranian traditional instrument.

Rong Ren

Rong Ren is a Ph.D. student in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Arizona State University (ASU). Her prior experiences include working as a Graduate Writing Associate and Multilingual Student Specialist at California State University East Bay and instructing English to diverse groups of English language learners (ranging from teenagers to seniors) in both the U.S. and China. After joining ASU, Rong has ever served as the Assistant Director of Writing Programs at ASU and AAAL GSC event planning subcommittee and volunteered at multiple conferences and workshops. Currently, she is teaching first-year composition courses to both domestic and international students and working on her dissertation. Her research interests include English nativization in China, World Englishes, L2 learners’ self-efficacy, L2 speech production, and Italian syntax. Rong holds an M.A. in TESOL and B.A. in Italian language and literature. She can be reached at rren11@asu.edu.

Madhukar K C

Madhukar K C (Madhu) is a Ph.D. student in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Arizona State University, Tempe. His prior professional experiences include teaching multilingual composition as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Minnesota State University, Mankato and decade-long teaching in K-12 contexts in Nepal. His research interests include world Englishes, NNES teachers’ identities and professional development, language ideologies, advocacy for professional equity, second language writing, TESOL, and teacher education. He can be reached at madhukar@asu.edu.

Maria Kostromitina

Maria (Masha) Kostromitina is a Ph.D student in Applied Linguistics at Northern Arizona University. Her research interests include second language psycholinguistics and pragmatics; she has also been involved in corpus linguistic research projects. Before starting her doctoral studies, Masha obtained an MA TESL degree from NAU where she consequently worked as an English composition instructor. Currently, as a GTA in the English Department, she is teaching ENG 105 and ENG 205 to both ESL and domestic students. Her other professional experiences include leading special projects at the university writing center. Extracurricularly, Masha serves as the College of Arts and Letters representative on the Graduate Student Government at her university. She has recently been elected the President of the Graduate Student Association of Applied Linguistics (GSAAL) of NAU. She can be reached at masha@nau.edu.

Undarmaa Maamuujav

Undarmaa is a Ph.D student in the School of Education at University of California, Irvine with a specialization in Teaching Learning and Educational Improvement. Undarmaa has taught critical reading & rhetoric and academic English at University of California, issues in English language pedagogy, upper-division writing, first-year composition, and ESL courses at California State University, Los Angeles. In addition to teaching, she served as an Academic Bridge Curriculum coordinator and Writing Skills Coordinator at the English Language Program at CSULA. She is a 2017 Summer Institute Fellow of Los Angeles Writing Project. Her prior professional service includes serving CATESOL Board as a treasurer and College/University Level chair and assistant chair. Her research focuses on second language writing, academic writing, corpus linguistics, and the integration of multimodality in writing. Undarmaa is enthusiastic to join the GSC and eager to devote her energy and expertise to GSC’s mission. She can be reached at umaamuuj@uci.edu.

2019-2020 Event Planning Sub-Committee 

Fatemeh Bordbarjavidi, Iowa State University

Zhongfeng Tian, Boston College

Elif Burhan-Horasanli, University of Arizona

Ufuk Keles, University of Alabama

Conor McKeon, Marquette University

Jackie Ridley, Ohio State University

Tyler True, Northern Arizona University

Zhenjie Weng, Ohio State University

2018-2019 Event Planning Sub-Committee 

Nicole King, Ohio State University

Conor Mckeon, Marquette University

Rong Ren, Arizona State University

Jennifer Slinkard, University of Arizona

Rebecca Tang, Ohio State University

Nathan Thomas, University of Oxford

Tyler True, Northern Arizona University

Rurik Tywoniw, Georgia State University

2017-2018 Event Planning Sub-Committee 

David Chiesa, Georgia State University

Wendy Li, Michigan State University

Jihye Shin, Northern Arizona University 

Fang Wang, The University of Iowa 

Yi Wang, University of Arizona 

Zhaozhe Wang, Purdue University

2016-2017 Event Planning Sub-Committee 

Melinda Childs, Georgia State University

Yuhan Lin, University of Hawaii

Andrea Lypka, University of South Florida

Ji-Young Shin, Purdue University