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Second annual

Multilingual Matters

Graduate Research Roundtable at AAAL 2024 

Friday, March 15th, 2024, 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Regency Room, Hyatt Regency Hotel Houston

(at the 2024 AAAL Conference)

Join us at the forefront of academic exploration sponsored by Multilingual Matters for an enriching experience tailored just for you! The Roundtable provides a unique opportunity to receive invaluable feedback on your in-progress research from esteemed faculty mentors and peers who share your research interests, followed by a Social Mixer (6:30 - 8:30 pm) for you to unwind and network with food and drinks. This event is open to all graduate students attending the 2024 AAAL Conference, no separate registration fee required!

Registration Deadline: January 10th, 2024

Faculty Mentors

Click each picture below to find more about each of our mentor's expertise!





Format and Presenter Guidelines


The Multilingual Matters Graduate Research Roundtable allows graduate students to receive help and feedback on in-progress research from peers and faculty mentors. 



Roundtables will be comprised of 1 mentor and (up to) 6 graduate student participants, organized by research areas. Each graduate student participant will have ~15 minutes: 5 minutes to present their research, followed by 10 minutes of feedback. Presenters should bring at least 6 copies of a research handout ( ~2 pages, see template for example) and may use their computer to share additional details. Please keep in mind that there will not be projectors available so make sure any details on your laptop are big enough to be seen across the table (tables are ~6’ in diameter). Participants should plan on attending for the whole 2 hours in order to give feedback as well as receive it and may also stay for the Social Mixer that immediately follows.


Presentation Guidelines

Your presentation should focus on 1-2 questions related to an aspect of your research that you would like to receive help or feedback on. We suggest aligning presentations to one of the following general stages of research: 

Research Planning: early stages of a research project (research questions, methodology/analysis methods, data collection approaches, etc.)

Research-in-progress: research where data collection has already been started (analyses, results, discussion, conclusions, etc.)

Manuscript Preparation: research that has been “completed” and is being written or prepared for publication (limitations, preparing manuscripts, word limits, tailoring to publications, etc.)


We recommend the following structure, and associated handout template, for your ~5-minute presentation:

  • A brief overview of the research details, including type of project, stage of research, general focus area of presentation

  • A short summary of the underlying theories, research questions and what has been completed so far (~1 min); Highlight “successes” with project/what’s gone well

  • An explanation of the focal research point that you want feedback on (~3 minutes)

  • 1-2 big questions that serve as the focus of the discussion

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