2019-2020 Social Media Sub-Committee

Josiah Murphy is a masters student in the TESL program at Kent State University in Ohio, where she serves as president of the Graduate Organization for Teachers of ESL (GOTESL). She has worked with the Deaf community in Northeast Ohio, and taught EFL in China and ESP in Cambodia and Ohio. Her current research interests include translanguaging in the writing of multilinguals; creating ESP workshop content; and the intersection of translation, religion, and language revitalization in ethnolinguistic minority communities. When she’s not working or researching, Josiah can be found tabletop-gaming with friends and creating up bilingual puns. Josiah currently serves on the Social Media Subcommittee by updating the Facebook page and co-organizing webinars and other programming. She can be reached at jjmurphy@kent.edu

Josiah Murphy

Yunjung Nam is currently pursuing a PhD in Applied Linguistics and ESL at the Georgia State University. Her research interests include language assessment literacy, language teacher education, and second language acquisition. In addition to researching, she has passion in teaching languages. She started her teaching career as a public high school teacher in South Korea, and also has been teaching academic English, and elementary Korean at universities in the US. She values collaboration between applied linguistics researchers and practitioners in language education.She serves on the GSC Social Media Sub-committee by co-organizing and facilitating GSC webinars and other events, and updating social media accounts. She can be reached at ynam3@gsu.edu

Yunjung (Eunice) Nam

Yi is a Ph.D. candidate in Chinese Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition & Teaching at the University of Arizona. Her dissertation investigates the multilayer ideological tensions among different social actors, and how language ideologies are negotiated in a multilingual, multinational study abroad community in China. She is also interested in the process of additional language acquisition of multilingual individuals. Yi’s research interests reflect her own experience as a language teacher and language program director, whose students are mostly multilingual and transnational individuals. Her current research projects intersect with fields of study abroad, multilingualism, language ideology, sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology. Her responsibilities in the GSC Social Media sub-committee include: facilitating and assisting GSC webinars, organizing and managing GSC Youtube channel, and maintaining GSC social media presence. She can be reached at yiw@email.arizona.edu

Yi Wang

Larissa Goulart is a second year PhD student in Applied Linguistics at Northern Arizona University. Her research interest focuses on second language writing in English and Portuguese and register variation in learner writing. Larissa has previously taught Portuguese at the University of Nebraska as a Fulbright teaching assistant. She received her MA in English Language Teaching from the University of Warwick (UK) where she studied with a scholarship from the British Council. She has published her research in the Annual Review of Linguistics and the Brazilian ELT Journal. When she is not working on her dissertation she can be found winning trivia with her applied linguistics team. She can be reached at: lg845@nau.edu

Larissa Goulart

Svetlana Koltovskaia is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in TESL and Applied Linguistics at Oklahoma State University (OSU). Her research interests include technology in education, L2 writing, intercultural pragmatics, and genre analysis. As a graduate teaching assistant at the OSU English Department, Svetlana teaches Research Writing for International Graduate Students (ENGL 4893) and composition II (ENGL 1223). She is also a multilingual specialist and online supervisor at the OSU writing center. Initially, Svetlana came to the US as a Fulbright FLTA and taught Russian at Marshall University, West Virginia. She then returned to Russia to work as an EFL instructor at Mirny Polytechnic Institute. Later, Svetlana returned to the US to obtain her master's degree in TESOL at Central Michigan University. Upon graduation, she worked as an ESL instructor at INTO Marshall University. Every summer, apart from school, Svetlana also works as an ESL instructor at OSU English Language Institute to continue enhancing her teaching skills.

Svetlana Koltovskaia

2018-2019 Social Media Sub-Committee

Nicole Deschene, New York University

Andrea Lypka, University of South Florida

Maria Ruiz-Martinez, University of Colorado

2017-2018 Social Media Sub-Committee

James Coda, University of Georgia 

Shyam Pandey, Purdue University 

Jui-Hsin (Renee) Hung, Indiana University-Bloomington

2016-2017 Social Media Sub-Committee

Jessica Lian, Georgia State University