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Meet a AAAL Scholar

Accent and Variability of L2 Speech

On February 7, 2020, AAAL GSC held our third webinar: Meet a AAAL Scholar: Accent and Variability of L2 Speech. Dr. Okim Kang from Nothern Arizona University is the keynote speaker for this webinar. Reza Dalman from Northern Arizona University was the moderator of the webinar. 


Dr. Okim Kang is a professor of Applied Linguistics at Northern Arizona University, who is also the director of the Applied Linguistics speech lab. Dr. Kang's research interests include speech production and perception, second language (L2) oral assessment and automated scoring, L2 pronunciation and intelligibility, language attitude, World Englishes, and L2 phonology in second language acquisition. To learn more about this webinar, you may watch the webinar recording and access the handout below.  

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