2019-2020 GSC Newsletter Co-editors

Nicole is a Ph.D. candidate in Foreign, Second, and Multilingual Language Education in the Department of Teaching & Learning at The Ohio State University. Her dissertation work focuses on the lived experiences of second and third grade multilingual students at a public French immersion elementary school in the Midwest. She seeks to illuminate how elementary multilingual students language and translanguage their sense of self across two years of participant observation, in interactions with peers and teachers and across multiple modes of communication. Through the lenses of linguistic ethnography, systemic functional linguistics, and multimodal interaction analysis, her research sheds light on the dynamic, performative nature of identities across time, places, and actions. Her research interests in multilingual patterns of interaction, multimodal literacy practices, and translanguaging stem from her experiences as a former elementary and middle school teacher in New Orleans, Louisiana, in Columbia, South Carolina, and in Naples, Italy. Nicole serves as the member-at-large for the GSC Steering Committee and the co-editor of the AAALGrads newsletter. Her responsibilities include coordinating grad student activities with the Steering Committee and recruiting and managing grad student sub-committees for the annual AAAL grad student conference events.

Nicole King

Nathan Thomas is a postgraduate researcher in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. He has published in leading academic journals such as Applied Linguistics, Applied Linguistics Review, Language Teaching, System, and TESOL Quarterly. His research interests are wide-ranging, but current projects pertain to language learning strategies, self-/other-regulation, and English medium instruction. At the moment, he is working on a diachronic analysis of explicit definitions and implicit conceptualizations of language learning strategies in published papers from 1975-2019. This project utilizes qualitative content analysis and various corpus-based techniques. Prior to taking up his role as co-editor of the AAALGrads newsletter, he served on sub-committees for the annual AAAL graduate student conference events. Nathan also works with other professional organizations such as on TESOL’s Research Professional Council and as a manuscript reviewer for System and TESOL Quarterly.

Nathan Thomas