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2022 AAAL Design Competition

Dear AAAL Grads,

It’s time for our annual design competition! Winners will have their designs featured on apparel and accessories sold on Teespring. All proceeds will be used to support graduate students and the Fund for the Future of Applied Linguistics (FFAL). Please consider sharing your artistic talent for this important effort to support AAAL Grads!

Participants must be AAAL student members at the time of the submission. The selected artist will be publicly recognized at the 2022 AAAL conference. The AAAL GSC will also sponsor an early-bird registration fee ($100) for the 2022 AAAL conference.

Criteria for design: Your design should:

  • include the name of the organization (American Association for Applied Linguistics or AAAL)

  • connect to the field of applied linguistics (visually, thematically, and/or in some other way)

  • do not include the year of the competition in the design

Submission requirements:

3 PNG files

File 1 design color R:255, G:255, B:255

File 2 design color R:51, G:45, B:81

File 3 design color R:234, G:231, B:214

Transparent background

300 DPI

< 50MB

< 14.9”x17.9”

Please watch the YouTube videos in which winners of the competition in 2019 and 2021 have introduced their designs and shared their experiences and tips.

Deadline for submission: January 17, 2022.

Please send all designs as email attachments to with the subject line “2022 AAAL Design Competition."

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