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The 2018 GSC Events! Join Us!

Hello grads!

This year’s AAAL conference is fast approaching and we would like to introduce three events for grad students. Hope you all can come and join us! Light snacks or meals are provided for all three events. If you are interested in participating in any of these events, please RSVP via this form:

1. Graduate Student Meet and Greet

Time: Friday, March 23, 8pm-10pm

Location: Sheraton Bar/Lounge

Are you a graduate student new to AAAL? A seasoned AAAL attendee who is interested in becoming more involved in graduate student leadership? Or just a graduate student looking to meet students at other institutions? Come one, come all grads to our ‘meet and greet’ event to kick off the AAAL conference. This is a great opportunity to network with other graduate students, share academic experiences, and get to know your future colleagues. At the event, you will also meet the Graduate Student Council Steering Committee members and learn more about graduate student events and opportunities to get more involved in AAAL. We hope you will join us for this informal community-building event! Light snacks will be provided.

2. Ethical Practice in Academia: Unpacking the AAAL Ethics Guidelines

Time: Saturday, March 24, 12pm-1:15pm

Location: Sheraton Grand Chicago, Michigan Room B

In this workshop, the AAAL Ethics Taskforce will present the newly endorsed Ethics Guidelines which are intended as a frame of reference to provide guidance for graduate students on ethical practices in three areas: research, teaching, and service. Through this roundtable format, graduate students will engage with each area of the newly endorsed guidelines and consider examples of ethical issues that arise during graduate school and how these guidelines can help to address them. Lunch will be provided!

3. Ask Us Anything: Graduate Student Forum on a Successful Academic Journey

Time: Sunday, March 25, 6:35pm-9:00pm

Location: Sheraton Grand Chicago, Michigan Room B

This round table event is geared toward graduate students at all stages. We will address crucial topics that arise during the academic journey such as publication, grant proposal writing, the job search, and strategies for work/life balance. Invited discussants will share their experiences and offer advice on a given topic at their designated table. After their presentations, discussants will open up the floor for questions and further discussion. Dinner will be provided!!

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