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This One or That One? Choosing Conference Sessions

The conference is almost here!! As you are preparing for this exciting time, AAAL GSC would like to provide some tips to help you in navigating sessions that fit your interests. We would like to provide five tips for choosing a session:

1. If you have not downloaded the AAAL 2018 Conference app, please go to the following link to access:

In the link, you have the option of scanning a QR code with your mobile phone or you can use the app store on your device. The conference app is a great way to inform yourself of any sessions that you would like to attend and to start building a schedule for when you arrive at the conference.

2. In addition to the app, the AAAL website offers a schedule of events ( The schedule of events provides an overview of everything that will be going on at the conference.

3. There is also a searchable schedule (, which can provide a way for you to search by day, time, person, room, strand, and session type. This can help you to organize which sessions you would like to attend while at the conference. Be sure to log in prior to adding sessions so that you will not lose your schedule.

4. Now, after you’ve either downloaded the app to your phone or utilized the searchable schedule, the question now remains how to choose between sessions. A possible strategy is to search by your research interests as this will provide you access to scholars in the field who may conduct work similar to yours. As we mentioned in the post about networking, this can be a way to foster your connections with others.

5. One final tip is to also attend sessions that are outside of your research area. As we are a community, attending sessions of your colleagues who do not reside in the same area can help to broaden your experience at the conference.

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